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Effective in Any Industry. Proven.
Smartcalls used in 15+ industries by 1000 + companies
E-commerce and Delivery
Keeping in mind past purchases, suggest additional products and services to your customers. Anticipate their needs and get valuable feedback.
Sell concert tickets to customers who have attended music events during the last three months, and offer them a better seat selection.
Car dealers
Schedule test-drives and invite your prospects to car presentations and other events.
Car rentals
3,000 people rented cars from you last August. Likely, some of them plan new vacations and will need a car again. Smartcalls will help them book cars automatically.
Financial services
Your potential clients can apply for loans and credit cards with smart 5-minute phone application. Verify their home addresses with no extra work.
Save on postcard costs and make appointments with patients for annual health check-ups.
Attract donors to various fundraising campaigns, invite them to charity events and collect contributions.
Reach all voters with your message. Forget those days of pre-recorded audio messages, make conversations that matter!
Real estate
Segment the database by towns and neighborhoods to notify your clients about the upcoming open house events and new lisings in their area.
Recruiting and HR
Conduct automated screening interviews with job candidates, customize questions for each position and record answers to analyze them later.
Generate buzz around non-profit activities and invite people to events.
Legal services
Sign up clients for class-action lawsuits settlements, confirm appointments and remind about unpaid invoices.
Instantly deliver various reminders over phone to future and current students, as well as their parents.
Travel and hospitality
Find out about planned vacations and business trips to offer curated events, products or services.
Respond to your prospects' questions concerning their current insurance policies, offer new individual and family plans, and much more.
Cost-effective call processing.
Sales calls that matter.
Surveys and improved self-service.

Easy to use. Zero coding.