How to increase sales by 3 times in one day without additional investments? Let's RPA it!

Complimentary webinar with practical knowledge and real-life examples
October 30th, 2019 (Wednesday)
3:00 PM GMT
live video
What is RPA?
The world is moving towards an absolute necessity for automation. And RPA is a new-age technological wonder with practical usage, especially for sales & marketing. As any marvel, it raises lots of questions.

At our webinar will be discussing the following questions: How to educate your bot, how cost-efficient RPA is, what risks are to be aware of and many more.
During 30 mins event, we'll cover
Improved communication
Optimal use of resources
Automated responses and triggers
By the end of the webinar, every participant will receive a pre-built scenario and a promo code for a discount
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