Increase productivity with digital self-service for inbound enquiries
powered by AI
Wednesday, October 16th
3:00 PM (GMT)
live webinar
Qiwi Bank — digital bank with the largest network of payment terminals (160,000 pcs)
Find out how to maximise contact centres effectiveness and deliver customer satisfaction.

Join us for a free webinar where we demonstrate a live example of building a real customer centric approach in a modern banking.

During the webinar we will explain how Qiwi Bank has successfully transformed their customers journey delivering personalised and meaningful interactions by replacing an outdated customer engagement model based on traditional IVR approach.
We'll cover how with Voximplant solution
customers will be able to

  • improve your contact centre effectiveness by 20%
  • Reduce average cost per
    contact by 15%
  • increase 1st call resolution rate by 3 times
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